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Aris Construction invests in land, villas and apartments which can give high yields. The properties on which the company invests are known for their unique aesthetic and the best location per area. Whether it’s on an island (on the sea, with spectacular views) or the city (in the main shopping streets).

Specialized law and financial professional consultants create a long-term investment project, meeting our clients’ criteria. The goal of the company, is the properties on which we invest on, to reassure high returns. The properties that are under development, have been classified first by our professional team for their investment prospects.

With the completion of the project, our company gives you directions and solutions on investment prospects, aiming on long term and higher than average income.

Our company can also provide solutions and undertake the financial management , as well as the maintenance of the properties.


Greece is a beautiful country with lots of investment opportunities. Among the other mediterranean destinations Greece has a competitive cost of life and low crime rate. Its perfect warm climate and infinite coastline make Greece one of the top tourist destinations with a summer season that lasts for almost 6 months. Crete is the top tourist destination in Greece with millions of visitors every year. Summer here lasts longer and life is happier with beautiful nature, amazing food and good company. Aris Construction offers exceptional, representative property on this Paradise Island and manage all the legal steps that a buyer needs to do for buying a Greek Property.


Our properties will offer a luxury lifestyle management service to their residents. It is refreshing to know that there is a dedicated person to take care of every requirement or need in the island.

The consierge will be available to make priority bookings for the finest restaurants, night clubs, sporting events, spas and hotels, as well as yacht charters. Let them know your desires and they will do everything possible to make them true.

The service will include housekeeping, maintenance and post management upon request.

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